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Celebrate with elegance and flavor with our wine gift baskets. Perfect for any occasion, they include a selection of premium wines. Place your order today and surprise your loved ones anywhere in the world with our global shipping!

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Why use to send your company's corporate gifts?

(1). Pay in your local currency: Our invoice will total your order in CRC and your payment will automatically be processed in your local currency.

(2). Send multiple gifts to multiple addresses, multiple recipients, simultaneously and repeatedly if necessary, using our Wholesale Order Form.

(3). The simple price tag includes all taxes, duties, and low flat shipping (ranging from $0 to $5 USD).

(4). Enjoy corporate and seasonal discounts on select gifts or domestic shipping.

Why give gifts to collaborators and clients?

Solving corporate gifting challenges with advanced technology and exceptional customer service.
Gifts for employees and clients in Costa Rica
All your needs gifts in one place. Download the bulk order form.
You can also buy store credit, find out how it works here.
Recognize your employees
Corporate gifts in Costa Rica
Show appreciation and motivate your talent with the perfect benefits
for every occasion, milestone and team event
  • Gifts personalized with company brand.
  • Scheduled birthday and anniversary gifts
  • Management and recognition platform among peers.
  • Onboarding Kits (Welcome), Care Packages, and More
  • Choose from a wide variety, peer-to-peer gifts and thank you notes.
Boost your pipeline
Give gifts to employees to enhance their pipeline in Costa Rica
From the first touch to the end, build relationships at every
stage of the funnel, incentivize meetings and analyze the results.
  • Send Gifts in an easy and fast way throughout Costa Rica.
  • Encourage meeting bookings and increase show rates.
  • Send directly from your PC or Mobile.
  • Request bulk deliveries with a simple Excel form.
  • Track campaign results and collect thank yous.
Cultivate relationships with clients
Cultivate relationships with clients and gifts in Costa Rica
Stay top of mind, re-engage accounts, and treat all customers like VIPs.
  • Activate gifts for milestones, anniversaries, renewals and more.
  • Offer customers their choice of gifts.
  • Send swag for virtual meetings and events.

" My company regularly orders from Saboreandocr. We are very happy with the quality of the service and the speed of response. Delivery works well both in the capital and in other locations "

Corporate gifts Costa Rica
Lucy Zarcker - Partner Relationship Specialist
Trusted by the best brands
We are wonderfully grateful that, like you, many companies choose us to surprise and congratulate their employees, suppliers or clients!
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