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8. Choose the Type of Gift Packaging

8. Choose the Type of Gift Packaging

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  • Shipping to all CR
  • We accept all types of payment
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Shipping from $9.99.

The delivery date is guaranteed in the City (central areas of Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia and San José).
For the rest of the country including Guanacaste, Limón and Puntarenas the time is approximately D+5.

Frequent questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsDownload Content1. ABOUT SHIPPING AND DELIVERIES

1.1 To which destinations do you send?

We ship to all of Costa Rica, we also ship to more than 200 countries around the world, to see the gifts enter here.

1.2 Do you have a physical store to go buy or pick up directly?

🛒 We are an E-commerce. Unfortunately we do not have any store where you can come to pick up or take a look at our gifts.

1.3 How long does it take to deliver?

Gifts are delivered during daylight hours. Despite this, we cannot offer a gift delivery service at a specific or approximate time. Hire our services! We will keep you informed throughout the shipping and delivery process! .Sent by Correos de Costa Rica takes +1-4 business days APPROXIMATELY after shipment , the gift will be sent days before so that it arrives approximately on the selected date; In these areas we cannot offer gift delivery on specific dates or times. The shipment is subject to the carrier's own policies, so the time in some cases may be longer.


We have two perfect options! Enter those links and discover how they work! 1️⃣Virtual gift card with various amounts to choose from from $602 2️⃣Advance gift notice.

1.4 How much does shipping cost?

From $11 the service


3.1 Can I make any changes to the gifts?

You can write to our WhatsApp to verify the possibility or not of doing it.

3.3 Can I add a gift to the arrangement?

We do not transport details outside of those prepared by UGB®.

3.4 Are there gifts for Diabetics or people on a Diet?

Hell yeah, we have some healthy options.

3.5 Gift Cards

Yes, Saboreandocr® offers you from $60, they must be used in their entirety (No credit, cash back, or cash redemption applies).


You can select your preferred payment method at checkout.

We accept all cards We use a secure payment gateway with anti-fraud systems for local and international clients through credit cards, debit cards.
Bank transfer (or mobile sinpe) By bank transfer, Mobile Sinpe and bank deposit as well as at authorized points ( servimas, Tucan, Rapibac, Bn services or ATMs ).

Payments are in advance, we do not accept cash.

2.1 Where can I make the payment?

You can make both your purchase and payment ridiculously easy through our website, Whatsapp and Messenger. We have secure systems for you to make the payment by your preferred method.

Please note that an additional exchange fee may apply if your currency is not the Costa Rican colon.


Your 100% satisfaction is important to us.

If you are not satisfied with the conditions of the service, Saboreandocr® reserves the right to provide it, so it proceeds with the return. The client wishes not to receive the service and notifies at least 1 business day from the delivery date (does not apply in special dates or corporate details). Presents negative/offensive behaviors against our company or clients, in addition to any discrimination based on race, sexual preference, politics or religion; Saboreandocr® reserves the right of admission for which the refund is made. If due to a typographical or verbal error by our company regarding the amount of a product, the client must cancel the difference, otherwise Saboreandocr may determine not to provide the service even when the customer has already made the payment. so the refund will proceed within the stipulated time. Any refund whose payment is processed by card, the client must assume the costs of bank commissions, for which the corresponding percentages will be deducted. Saboreandocr is not responsible for the gift when it is sent by Correos de Costa Rica , in case of loss of the package, the resolution and refund time will be attached to the policies of Correos de Costa Rica, which can even last 3 months.

Refund or return process is carried out within a period of 24 business hours + the time that the bank takes if applicable. except when sent by Correos de Costa Rica it can take up to 3 months.

Additional Information

> We do not have a photographic service . Our 📸 are our own, without filters or retouching! You can be sure of receiving the gift as is (image / description), . To avoid delays in deliveries, and due to the volume of orders, we do not provide this service.

📋 Do you want to send gifts to multiple recipients in different countries? , Download our Excel-based wholesale order form Fill it out with recipient information and desired gift options. Send us a completed form by email to: i

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