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Munchies Wine

Munchies Wine

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It's happened to all of us: a few drinks and suddenly we were able to eat the entire menu at the bar. Well, we have solved this problem with a basket that contains drinks and snacks! A bottle of European sparkling wine, highlighted by a variety of snacks including classic chocolate truffles, gourmet sweet cookies and more. Grab your friends and get ready for a night of fun with VIno Munchies!


- Travel blanket or flannel;
- Bottle of European Sparkling Wine 750 ml;
- Milk chocolate bar 100 gr;
- Dark chocolate bar 100 gr;
- Package of chocolate covered almonds 85 gr;
- Gourmet Coffee Box 2500gr;
- Tea Box 125 gr;
- Pack of Chocolate Truffles 125 gr;
- 2 x Boxes of gourmet cookies 150 gr;
- Gift wrapped in a wicker basket;
- Greeting card.
-Approximate size 40x30cm


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