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Extraordinary Delight

Extraordinary Delight

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The workers on your team deserve great rewards when they do great things for the company. Be sure to celebrate their success with a beautiful basket filled with delicious treats including Lindt chocolate truffles, fudge bites, delicious protein snacks, creamy cheese spread, coated almonds and much more. Make office celebrations that much sweeter when you send Delicious Extraordinaire.


-Mix of dried fruits and nuts 45gr;
-Package of covered toasted almonds 47gr;
-Box of chocolate and vanilla cookies 57gr;
-Gourmet cheese spread 114gr;
-Smoked Sanmon spread 56gr;
-Toblerone chocolate bar 100gr
-Gourmet dark chocolate bar 100 gr;
-Lindt chocolate truffles in a box 30 gr
-Box of fudge bites 150 gr;
-Box of gingerbread cookies 113gr;
-Box of chocolate toffees 30gr;
-Box of chocolate chip cookies 56gr;
-Chocolate covered pretzels 45gr;
-Box of gourmet breadsticks 59 gr;
-Gourmet cookies package 60gr;
-Package of brownie with chocolate chips 30gr;
-Box of European style gourmet cookies 56gr;
-Gift wrapped in a wicker basket.
-Size approx 40x30cm