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Sweet Relaxation Spa Baskets

Sweet Relaxation Spa Baskets

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When buying gifts, keep in mind what people really want: relaxation and a nap! We can't give them a nap, but we can send their friends and family a gift designed to help them relax.  The Sweet Relaxation Spa Set is the perfect gift to make even the most exhausting days a little more serene.


- Teddy Bear approx. 25 cm ;
- 2 facial masks;
- Liquid soap;
- Exfoliating gloves;
- Facial cream ;
-2 Body cream;
-Exfoliating cream;
-Organic soap;
-Scented candle;
- Gift wrapped in a basket with a bow;
- Gift card.


Brands and individual items may differ from photos, similar products will be provided.
The selection of the basket, the stuffed animal and its shape may vary depending on availability.