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Sweet Appreciation Box

Sweet Appreciation Box

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The holidays are a perfect excuse to send something sweet to everyone you love. Give the gift of a sumptuous collection of gourmet treats today. Send this basket to those who work hard for their goals, are there for you all the time, or are unconditional with you. Thank them differently with Sweet Appreciation.


- Bag of dried fruits and nuts mix 45 gr;
- Toasted water crackers 100gr;
- Chocolate cookies 100 gr;
- Toblerone chocolate bar 100 gr;
- Box of gourmet chocolates 75 gr;
- Gourmet chocolate bar 100 gr;
- Wooden box;
- Gift wrapping;
- Greeting card.
-Size approx 30 x45cm


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    The design of the basket and its shape may vary depending on availability.