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Santa's Secret Stash

Santa's Secret Stash

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Sometimes that "home for the holidays" feeling is best captured in the contents of your kitchen cabinets; While at home there may be crunchy granola and dried fruit, Grandma always had the good stuff. With chocolate Oreos, candy-coated M&Ms, poppable Pringles chips and more, this assortment is the next best thing after raiding the junk food drawer. Santa's Secret Stash basket is sure to provide indulgence and nostalgia.

- M&M's 150gr;
- Oreo Cookies 100gr;
- Bag of Pretzels 70 gr;
- Dr Pepper 4 cans of 221 ml;
- Pringles Original Chips 40 gr;
- Peanut butter 250 gr;
- Gift wrapped in a basket;
- Gift card.
Size approx 30 x45cm
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