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Universal Gift Baskets, a Gourmet Baskets company based in Costa Rica, has several commercial allies, among them, GiftBasketsOverseas global international gift basket company.

Universal Gift Baskets , as part of the commercial alliance and at the same time a local partner, processes, creates and sends hundreds of gourmet gifts from all corners of the world to Costa Rica. GiftBaskets is characterized by gifts of the highest gourmet quality, so its local partners such as Universal Gift Baskets must fully meet the high standards.

Universal Gift Baskets has received an award from GiftBaskets as a preferred International partner . This award indicates that you have earned the trust of GiftBasketsOverseas .com for excellent customer service and superior product quality, and demonstrates to your customers that you are supported by a Better Business Bureau rated A company .

Costa Rica Gifts - Preferred Delivery Partner
Costa Rica
In addition to this, as part of Universal Gift Baskets ' efforts to connect people and bring affection, love, appreciation from all parts of the planet to Costa Rica, we process orders from Costa Rica to more than 200 countries around the world. .
Saboreandocr - International gifts
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